Samra Pease – Staying Strong for Seniors

Overcoming Fears

Samra participated in her first Obstacle Course Race in 2011

Stepping out of her comfort zone was not unusual for Sam.  In 2013 Sam ran on the Find Your Bold Team at a BoldrDash Race and supported others on their journey


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Everyone’s Favorite Face of Jamestown Fitness

Samra started working for Jamestown Fitness in 2007.  She became a fitness trainer in 2015.  In 2018 Sam became the manager of Jamestown Fitness.  She continued to train and could often be heard saying “one more rep” encouraging members to push past their percieved limits.


Join a Committee

Programming through the find your bold organization aimed at providing seniors in the jamestown area, with the freedom to get out and connect with others in the community

Always Supporting the Community

At 59 Sam began to study to become an EMT.  In 2017 Sam became a volunteer ambulance driver.

Her passion was helping local seniors.  Sam participated for many year with Meals on Wheels.  She did not just bring sandwiches to those in need.  She sat with them, cleaned with them, chatted with them, helped them get errands done and so much more.

In addition, Samra L. “Sam” (Stallman) Pease, was a dedicated volunteer with the Jamestown Senior Center and passionate about assisting seniors. Donations made to Find Your Bold- Senior Strong, will be used to support seniors with scholarships offered through the Jamestown Senior Center. These scholarships will help to assist senior residents with the cost of trips and programs