Ski Like a Girl


Our goal is to provide a unique skiing experience to girls who may not have otherwise had the opportunity, allowing them to find their bold on the mountain and bring it into their everyday life off the mountain. The goal is not to become an expert skier, but to feel empowered by trying something new with other girls who share the same sense of adventure. The girls will be taught by female ski instructors who will lead them on an adventure of a lifetime.  They will learn about proper skiing equipment, skiing techniques, safe skiing, teamwork, how to face and embrace the mountains, all the while building confidence.

Ski Like A Girl began with a one-time lesson for a couple of children and has grown to a 3 day experience with as many as 8 girls in just a couple of years.

This unique opportunity was inspired by Stephen J Daylor, an avid skier, ski coach and father of twin girls. Stephen understood that some girls felt more comfortable learning with other girls in smaller group lessons. Ski Like A Girl gives girls that opportunity while learning new skills and experiencing a sense of community. 

A HUGE “Thank You!!” goes out to all our sponsors, supporters and experience providers – Jonnycakes Center and Yawgoo Valley Ski Area.


Jayne Daylor – Committee chair

2021 participant thoughts

Savannah   “ I am proud of myself, skiing isn’t easy to learn, but it was fun”

Ziajan “ I liked being part of a group and making friends”

One Parent’s perspective on how the growing 2019 Program effected her daughter

“It was a pleasure seeing My little girl on her first ski trip. She was so excited and I am so grateful that she was picked for this amazing experience.”

Words from our 2017 Ski Program Participants

We had a great time and was grateful for the family bonding time outside of the box! We have gone thru a very horrific loss of my son, the children’s father and didn’t know how we would continue to stay focused on anything normal in our lives, taken the lesson was a redirect, letting us know we could do something different and be back on track, the kids went off to school on Monday with a little bounce in their steps and reported having a great day, of course they shared with everyone who would listen about their lesson, a lesson that life can and will move on! Thank you for the opportunity!